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Published August 8, 2012 by anny1with1life

Memories… This single word itself carring lots of stories..when ever we wil b alone.maximum us wana went to the past and cherish it.
I remember those days when me and my husband used to seat near the boat in chennai marina head wld take shelter on his shoulder.we used to watch the sea waves.
That sound..the salty waves.. Crazy peoples…mad lovers..
We used to watch all and were thinking aft couple of years..when ever in our busy schedule we will went to past.definitrly we will cherish this.
I remember i used to play one music of woh lamhe near our ear(as sound of wave so loud.u cant hear at distance)..
Trust,also..whenever i am listening that soul would be in a different place..
Guess where..yeah!! U r chennai marina beach.