10 January, 2011 10:33

Published January 10, 2011 by anny1with1life

Be happy. Life is too short to let it pass in sorrow. Smile, be cheerful. There is no greater treasure and
wealth than the twinkle in your eye that joy brings. Reach out to that bliss that makes your heart dance and
don’t be shy to rejoice and celebrate life. Don’t live in an illusion that too much happiness is not good for life.
Go make someone happy today and you will be happy. To rejoice, you may have to re-choice,
choose different things, people and circumstances but it is better to change than to continue living in
misery for the rest of your life. If you truly want to live, rejoice. Be happy today and everyday for the rest of
your life. And the good news is that you can. You can choose to be Happy.

Do you value life? Do you consider it to be your greatest gift, your most valuable treasure or do you just drag
through life? Life is a beautiful journey for those who value it, for those who catch hold of it and don’t let it escape.
To them, life is more valuable than money because every fleeting moment of life that is gone is gone forever.
So, they treasure every moment, every day. They really value life. Do you value life? Do you give it all you have got?
Are you excited about life or are you just letting it slip away? Have your days, months and years escaped you?
It is not too late. Stop now. Transform your life and live.

What is the purpose of your life? Does your life have some meaning and direction? May be it could be your
passion to make a difference. Either you can choose to live life meaninglessly or you can get excited
about living a legacy, about doing something that will remain long after you are gone. There are countless
opportunities for each one of us to make a difference. Be it to serve suffering humanity or just by simply sharing
our life experiences. Each of these are capable of making a big difference. Life becomes beautiful when it is lived with
a purpose and still more glorious if that purpose is to make a difference


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