Refer Your Buddy for a “Hot” Job

Published December 20, 2010 by anny1with1life



Earn a "Hot" referral amount of 50K for all jobs on offer here, starting today

You have an opportunity to refer your friends to GE Energy, Hyderabad and expand your network of the best engineering talent pool in India.

What you need to do: Check out the hot jobs on offer below and rush to let your buddy know. You can check the job descriptionsand refer a person you knowwith the COSNo. by clicking on the link below : Click Here.

You could also drop your buddy’s resume at the Hot Jobs drop box located at the reception of all three locations. Incase, you are unable to find the JD details for a particular COS, please write to the Yolanda or Kalpana.


Team Sr.No Position Title COS No
Finance 1 Accounting Leader 1292221
2 Staff Financial Analyst 1292552
Digital Energy 1 Design Engineer 1294461
2 Lead Engineer 1294441
3 Engineer 1294437
Controls 1 Engineering Manager 5 1290512
2 Lead Engineer -Controls Product Engineering 1292236
3 Engineer – Controls Product Engineering 1292229
O & G 1 Engineering Manager, O&G – HTC Controls Software 1289033
IE 1 Engg / Technologist 1294965
2 Engg / Lead Engg 1296873
3 Engg / Technologist 1294970
Resi Controls 1 Lead Engg 1294994
T&D 1 Lead Engineer/Technologist 1293392
2 Electronics Design Engineer 1287457
3 Lead Engineer/Technologist 1288531
Equipment 1 Lead Engg – LV Equipment 1169328
2 Design Engg 1295116
SSG 1 Advanced Software Engineer/Lead Software Engineer 1295084
2 Advanced Software Engineer/Lead Software Engineer 1295006
3 Software Engineer/Advanced Software Engineer 1295007
Sensing 1 Lead Engg – Firmware 1292293
2 Firmware Engg 1292297
3 Engg ( Firmware ) 1292302
4 Engg ( Software) 1292287

To know more details on the ‘Bring a Buddy’, employee referral program, click here


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