New launch: Sql Promt4

Published April 21, 2010 by anny1with1life

SQL Prompt™

Latest version: 4.0

The fastest way to work with SQL

SQL Prompt is a plug-in that increases how fast you can work with SQL.

  • Code-completion for SQL Server
  • Automated SQL reformatting to match your preferred style
  • Rapid access to your database schema information
  • Snippets cut down repetitive typing

"Just a quick note to let you know that I absolutely love SQL Prompt 4. You guys really hit the ball out of the park with this one! I used to find Prompt actually getting in my way more than it helped – but that’s gone now…it rocks! "Michael Garstin


See screenshots of SQL Prompt and its key features

Product Video

A video demonstration of key features from SQL Prompt

Code completion

As you type SQL Prompt provides unobtrusive support, suggesting appropriate keywords, tables, views, and other database objects. It even suggests complete join conditions based on foreign key constrains or matching column names. Where it makes sense SQL Prompt will complete entire statements for you, such as INSERT or ALTER VIEW.

SQL reformatting (Pro edition only)

The Format SQL command reformats any SQL to match your chosen coding style. Clear and accurate formatting make it much easier to understand complex SQL, and helps maintain a consistent style across your entire team.

Rapid access to schema information

Database documentation is displayed when you mouse over database objects and built in functions. You can also show the complete object definition and a summary of object columns or parameters.


Insert common queries or short fragments of SQL with a few keystrokes. For example just type ssf to insert SELECT * FROM. SQL Prompt comes with an extensive set of built in snippets, and you can easily add new ones of your own.


Use SQL Search to search your databases within SSMS. Find references to objects, navigate to objects, or find fragments of SQL text within stored procedures, functions, and views.

Which version?

SQL Prompt 4 is available in Standard and Pro editions. The Pro edition is also available in the SQL Prompt bundle with 3 other tools saving 55% of the cost of the 4 tools bought separately.

SQL Prompt Bundle details (Includes Pro edition)

Standard vs. Pro feature comparison

Download free trial

You can try SQL Prompt 4 absolutely free for 14 days, both for new users and for people who have used SQL Prompt 3.

Download your 14 day free trial of SQL Prompt 4 (2.9Mb .exe file)


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