Frawd mail as like from Mrs Raju -SATYAM

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My name is Radha Ramalinga,I am the wife of B. Suryanarayana Raju Ramalinga,the younger brother of Byrraju Ramalinga Raju,former chairman,founder and owner of Satyam Computers.

I do have a proposal for you,which would be of immense financial benefits to you and I.

My husband and his brother are currently in big trouble in India,I need your assistance to help me move some funds from Holland to India or anywhere where it would at least be of some help to our family.

I would give you more details of this proposal if you show yourself willing to take on it,I assure you that you would most certainly be compensated but please I would kindly request you to keep this matter confidential.

I am currently here in the UK where it is a bit safe for me and my kids.

You can reach me on my personal email id which is

Yours sincerely,


From Sources:::

Ramalinga replies to Mirror mail

Fraudster claiming to be wife of Rama Ramalinga, brother of Satyam’s R Ramalinga Raju, emails personal details such as passport copy, family photos to ensnare victims

By Renjini Liza Varghese

Posted On Monday, June 15, 2009 at 12:05:14 AM

Closer look at this scanned copy of the passport reveals the flaws and cut-paste job

Pune Mirror report on June 10

Email fraudsters are getting innovative by the day. Following the report ‘More fraud emails’, (June 10), Pune Mirror stumbled upon the fraudsters’ new modus operandi.

This fraudster Radha R, claims to be the wife of Rama Ramalinga, the younger brother of B Ramalinga Raju of Satyam Computers.

Mirror replied to the fraudster’s email requesting for the identity of the sender. The reply came after 48 hours, along with an attachment of family pictures and a scanned copy of a passport.

This did not end here. A UK residential address and a phone number was sent to make us believe that the email is a genuine one.

The content of the latest email is: “I have attached some family pictures to this e-mail and also a copy of my identification, my contact details are below, +44 7010306041, Home number 12A Ramsey Island Chelmsford Essex England, IG11 8BB.

I would really appreciate it if you really told me about your feelings for this transaction, this involves a lot of money and I am taking a great risk and also blind trust in revealing this information to you, I do hope that you would understand this situation and try to keep what we discuss confidential, if you please provide me with your details in your next reply. Sincere regards, Mrs Radha Ramalinga.”

The photographs attached in the email, on initial examination, appear genuine. However, a closer look reveals the handiwork of a skilled photoshop expert.

The passport copy sent by ‘Radha’ reveals flaws at the first look. It is apparent that the typing on the personal details page is a cut-and-paste job.

Moreover, the dates of issue and expiry on the page do not match with the rules of Indian passport authority. On the page, date of issue is June 3, 2002 and date of expiry is June 3, 2012. In reality, the authority endorses the passport to be renewed on June 2, 2012.

However, the phone number given in the email is an active one in UK, though we could not verify the address.

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