::Tainted Babas ::

Published March 4, 2010 by anny1with1life

Asaram Bapu

Description: Asaram bapu son narayan whose name has been involved in number of murders and sexual exploitation with innocent religious people who fall in the father son duo trap has forged documents of pedhamala land also. So far 47 inquiry’s of his ashrams have revelaed asaram bapu’s and his son ashrams has grabbed houses of devotees and is involved in allmost 93% of ashram lands on other peoples assets.

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Swami NityaNanda

Description: A video of Swamy Nithyananda’ having sex with a top tamil actress was broadcasted on Sun news live and has shocked people across India. Tamil actress’ face was masked in the video. People have now called Nithyananda a fraud for making people believe that he is a Swami.

Link : http://www.itimes.com/public/groups/Tainted-Babas/album/Tainted-Babas_27363/photo/Asaram-Bapu


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