Stay healthy! Be aware!

Published February 25, 2010 by anny1with1life

Heart attack is fast becoming the most prevalent of lifestyle diseases, increasingly among the younger generation, with stress at the peak of career…

What can you do to protect yourself ?

Be aware!

Here are some things that you need to know to lead a hearty life!

What are the risk factors ?

§ Smoking

§ Increased cholesterol levels

§ Diabetes

§ Hypertension (persistent increase in

Blood pressure > 120/80)

§ Abdominal obesity

§ Stress or depression

§ Lack of fruits and vegetables in diet

§ Lack of exercise

§ Excessive intake of alcohol

Here is how heart attacks can be prevented:

§ Quit smoking

§ Avoid fast food

§ Exercise regularly

§ Go for frequent health checks

In the event of a person being at risk, how can you help?

Identifying the symptoms early is critical to mitigating the

seriousness of an attack!

The symptoms of a heart attack are:

§ Chest pain or discomfort

§ Shortness of breath

§ Sweating, cold and clammy skin

§ Vomiting

§ Upper back or shoulder pain

§ Jaw pain

However, the best cure is prevention!

Stay healthy! Be aware!


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