Free yourself through meditation

Published November 30, 2009 by anny1with1life

Have you ever thought to make yourself completely free from Yourself..

Just forget the world..just forget everything surrounding you..Well, the best answer is through Meditation.

In ancient india,through power of meditation, saints were able to see the Almighty ..May be it sounds crazy for many..But ,this is true.

I am not going to represent the “Power of Meditation”, but of course want to share the benefits of it.

If you have never done it before..then try it now for 15min..

Just imagine what you like the most..just think about yourself..what you are inside yourself..

Close your eyes ..concentrate on something..

Listen the inner voice which comes from your heart..

Now you are facing yourself..

Check it out what u r inside u !!!!!!!!!!!!

At first darkness will be there while closing your eyes…aft some time when your concentration keeps on increasing you will feel ur

self very loose inside..Like your soul is floating..

That state is so calm…No clouds of worries will be there..

You will feel so relax after that.

Just try for a while…

There are different kind of people having negative thoughts too.

But here i didn’t mean to think for any nonsense activities.

Be true to yourself, be loyal to your loved ones ..Be Simple but strong ..Cheers !!!!


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