Welocme to Stress Management Solutionss…………..

Published November 28, 2009 by anny1with1life

Say no to sleep-less pillows
An 8 hour sleep is capable of making everything alright. So say yes to a good night’s sleep.

Improve your diet
Try to follow a well thought out and balanced diet. Avoid or reduce foods with high saturated fat content like meat, eggs, butter, cheese and processed foods. Reduce your daily intake of caffeine and alcohol as they can aggravate stress.

Prioritizing your objectives
Prioritize your objectives to have an organized, un-scattered focus. This will help in keeping to a planned schedule which translates into a smooth and stress-free day.

Exercise the toxins out
Nothing helps relieve the body better than a dose of feel good endorphins which are released during an exercise routine. Simple stretching and regulated breathing can turn into an entire workout routine right in that bed, before you’ve even started your day!

Breathe in, Breathe out
Deep breathing, pranayam and meditation works as wonders when its stress you talk about. They help one to gain their inner balance thereby closing the door on the face of stress forever.

Spending quality time with yourself
A great way to beat the stress is to reconnect with your inner self and let your body channel positive energies from your immediate surrounds. Be it by taking a long walk on a bright day, a warm shower or relaxing in natural surroundings like the seaside or a patch of greenery.

Yoga and stretching
A fool-proof way to attain equilibrium, Yoga connects your mind and body to give you a relaxed feel. A great way to be stress free, Yoga also renders you fit, toned, supple and agile.

Quick Tips

Take small breaks while at work, to keep your mind fresh, focused and stressfree.


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