****How to De-stress with Yoga****

Published November 28, 2009 by anny1with1life

De-stress with Yoga

Stressed Out? Yoga-In.

Stop sweating with stress. Sweat with Yoga instead.

In the fast moving times that we are in, succumbing to stress is a normal phenomenon. And which starts off as few sleepless nights, ends up in ailments that can even put a stopper to life.

In Medical Jargon ‘stress’ is defined as a perturbation of the body’s homeostasis or balance, when the mind & body tries to cope up with the recurrent changes in life, can actually be as lethal as to claim your life.

Lurking behind your everyday work, stress is the cause to many an ailment including serious illnesses like cancer and diabetes.

Over power your everyday stress with Yoga that apart from being a powerful antidote to stress also enliven your mind, body and soul. Bringing about integration and harmony of health and energy, yoga is a great way to counter-attack this new-age Satan called stress!

A fluid process which has an age-old ability to proffer balanced health with its power of three ‘S’- strengthening, stimulating and synchronizing your entire system, Yoga works wonder on neutralizing stress.

Holistic Health Guru, Mickey Mehta shares insights on how to beat stress

Practice Shavasan or the Corpse Pose
A very effective relaxation pose, Shavashan is extremely easy to practice. Instructions: Lie down symmetrically in order to give space to relax all parts of the body. Allow the legs and the arms to lie gently by the side. Rotate your legs and arms, turn your head from side to side and then to the center. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Breathe in deep from the abdomen and let it move gently up and down with the breath. Concentrate on your breathing, breathe rhythmically. With each breath in and breath out many changes takes place thus removing stress and improving the clarity of your mind.

Practice Pranayam for that ultimate stress busting
A traditional stress busting exercise, Pranayam is extremely effective on stress. Involving three basic types of purak or inhaling, rechak or exhaling and kumbhak or retention, Pranayam is a simple way to a stress free life. Get the most out of Mickey Mehta from his instructional video for a complete know-how to beat stress.

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