Amarnath Yatra – The Divine Journey (India)

Published November 27, 2009 by anny1with1life

Amarnath Yatra

The Amarnath caves are one of the most famous shrines in Hinduism, dedicated to the god Shiva, located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The shrine is claimed to be over 5,000 years old and forms an important part of ancient Hindu mythology.

Amarnath Yatra – Road Map
From Pahalgam to Amarnath:30 miles one-way (48 km) with about 40,000 pilgrims and coolies!

Amarnath Yatra – Climbing Mahagunas, Kashmir, India
The highest point on the road (+4500 m)

Amarnath Yatra – the Swayambhu (Shiva) Lingam

Amarnath Yatra – On the Road 3, Kashmir, India
A picture of a Sadhu who did the yatra for the ninth time.

Amarnath Yatra – Last snow bridge before the Holy Cave, Kashmir, India.

Amarnath Yatra – Shesnag, Kashmir, India
Hazy Sundown over the lake of Sheshnag

Amarnath Yatra – arrival at the lake of Shesnag, Kashmir, India
After about 28 km from Pahalgam, on the way to Sheshnag

Amarnath Yatra – Queue before the Holy Cave, Kashmir, India Pilgrims make 4 to 5 hours on the stairs to enter the Cave for their Puja

The Holy Cave of Amarnath, Kashmir, India Pilgrims on the stairs to the cave, waiting for hours before to enter and to do their Puja

Amarnath Yatra – climbing a snow bridge, Kashmir, India
Just after climbing Pisu Top.




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